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Private Banking 

Private banking is our core business. A stable, multidisciplinary team of over 150 professionals exists to support you in the overall management of your long-term wealth. Its aim is for your wealth to be protected, to grow and not be a cause of anxiety. On the contrary, it should enable you to realize the projects you have for yourself and your family serenely and without fear of the future. 


Top flight specialist financial technicians, some of them managing individual portfolios, others exercising their talents for the benefit of large numbers of clients via mutual investment funds, help you manage your wealth.


Private wealth management spreads well beyond portfolio management. You can count on the support of specialists in legal, tax and succession structuring, who can help you pass on your assets as well as create the best structures for holding them, with a constant eye to any national and international aspects.


Experts devise credit facilities to help you finance real estate, participating interest in a company, create liquidity in your assets or optimize their tax treatment.


We have also developed complementary services to meet specific needs: investment in private equity, advice and support for manager-shareholders, real estate, assisting executives and senior managers of large companies and institutionals (stock options, etc.), and philanthropy consulting.